In Memoriam: Summer 2020


John G. Lane Jr., MD ’49 Jack P. Segal, MD ’48, BS ’44 William Webb Zeller, MD ’44, BA ’42



Julius Ludwig Bedynek, MD ’57 Milton A. Boyd, MD ’54 S. Jim Farha, MD ’57
William B. Glew, MD ’53 Dorothy C. Holzworth, MD ’50 George Liss, MD ’58, BA ’55
William S. Lyons, MD ’51, BA ’49 Thomas L. Morrison, MD ’55 Jurgen F. Piper, MD ’59
Donald W. Richman, MD ’56 E. Allan Speidell, MD ’59 Thomas T. Tang, MD ’58, PhD ’54, MS ’51
Eugene F. Taylor Jr., MD ’59 Malcolm S. Van de Water, MD ’51, BA ’51, AA ’47 Morton B. Waldman, MD ’58
Robert E. Williams, MD ’56, RESD ’58 Paul T. Yoder, MD ’55 Robert L. Zahn, MD ’57
R. Charles Ziehl, MD ’57, BS ’52, AA ’51



Mason Barr Jr., MD ’61 Terry Mackley Buxton, MD ’62 Paul Hartman D’Amato, MD ’69, RESD ’76
Richard S. Carvalho, MD ’64 Norman J. Knorr, MD ’61 Robert T. Levine, MD ’68, BA ’65
Thomas F. Minas, MD ’63 Robert H. Morrell, MD ’62 Richard R. Ober, MD ’68
William R. Roush, MD ’66 Stephen W. Rozan, MD ’60 James T. Shaw, MD ’63
Carlos A. Silva, MD ’60, RESD ’66 Ronald E. Smith, MD ’66



Philip S. Kline Jr., MD ’71 Alan Wayne Smith, MD ’74 Arthur L. Soben, MD ’73
Steven Charles Strauss, MD ’78 Robert S. Viener, MD ’71, RESD ’76



Nancy R. Lowitt, MD ’87, EdM John Thomas Noga, MD ’87 Mark W. Reininga, MD ’81



Barry Harvey Hellman, MD ’90


Latest News

The George Washington University (GW) Medical Faculty Associates (MFA) is extending its reach in suburban communities, expanding primary care services and bringing convenient, high-quality, and comprehensive health care to Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland, and the Washington, D.C., metropolitan…
Medicine is slowly evolving into a multimedia arena, one that melds in-person visits with technology-based care. This shift has been convenient and cost-effective for both patients and doctors, but it also has opened an avenue to care for a specific patient population: the elderly.
The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, under the leadership of Maranda C. Ward, EdD ’17, has been awarded a pair of grants totaling more than $816,000 from Gilead Sciences Inc., in support of an 18-month research-informed educational initiative, Two in One: HIV+…