SMHS Spring 2024 Obituaries

John Roy Emmett, MD
John Roy Emmett, MD '70

John Roy Emmett, MD ’70, a resident of Collierville, Tennessee, passed away on June 2, 2023. Emmett was board certified in otolaryngology, with a subspecialty in otology. A nationally and internationally renowned otolaryngologist, Emmett was membership of the American Neurological Society and the American Otological Society.

Lawrence Lessin, MD, former professor of medicine and of pathology at GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and director of Hematology and Oncology at the GW Medical Faculty Associates, passed away in May 2023. Lessin was an expert in Sickle Cell anemia and studied under Marcel Bessis at the Institute for Cellular Pathology in Paris.

Daniel Mazzuchi, MD ’65, RESD ’69, former associate dean for Michigan State University (MSU) College of Human Medicine and CEO of the Upper Peninsula Health Education Corporation, passed away Aug. 10, 2023. He helped launch the Marquette Family Medicine Residency Program, and in 2006, a scholarship at MSU for students from Upper Peninsula Michigan was renamed the Mazzuchi Scholarship.


Harry Merliss, MD ’43


Robert G. Bullock, MD ’54
Ted L. Flickinger, MD ’54
John C. Frich, MD ’59
William L. Furlow, MD ’53
Kenneth D. Graham, MD ’56
Robert J. Mattucci, MD ’56
James R. Stormont, MD ’54
Robert E. Wellwood, MD ’54
Gilbert H. Young, MD ’56


John R. Bruhn, MD ’60
Robert L. Cerciello, MD ’68
Mark A. Feldman, MD ’68
William G. Frank, MD ’64
Ronald M. Graham, MD ’61
Ernest R. Gerfin, MD ‘67
Daniel S. Mazzuchi, MD ’65, RESD ’69
Richard Treffle Roberge, MD ’62
Robert M. Senior, MD ’61
Gary Banks White, MD ’64


Stephen P. Daines, MD ’72, RESD ’75
John R. Emmett, MD ’70
Verna Elizabeth Hanes, MD ’71, BA ’68
Susan Ruth Hansen, MD ’79
Martin Heyert, AS ’78
John S. Holmes, MD ’71, RESD ’76
Robert R. Schade, MD ’73
Douglas Drew Wilson, MD ’73


Jeffrey Cata Backer, MD ’82
Alexander Balisi Allayban, BS ’88
LaVonne R. Garner Mills, MD ’81
Barbara A. Segal, MD ’80


Kathleen V. Haley, NP ’98
Steven Todd Immergut, MPH ’95
Rachel Lynne Kessler, BS ’96

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